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When should I make my attempts?

When should I make my attempts?

Successfully serving process is a blend of art, skill, preparation and a little luck. The strategy around when you make your attempts should depend on the type of serve, the location and other factors. Your experience as a Tracker in the area you work is valuable in building a good attempt strategy.

For business serves:
- check online for hours before you go
- avoid normal lunch break times
- avoid times around open/close of the business

For residential serves:
- to the extent possible plan your first attempt at the time and day you think will be most likely to catch the person home, this can be difficult with your route and urgency of attempt

- read the notes/information provided to you, there may be information that will help you know when to attempt, for example the career someone has may indicate their possible work hours

- if your first attempt isn't successful you need to be even more strategic, building your case towards diligent effort

- your second attempt should get you a step closer to diligent effort but should also be your next best guess at catching the person home, again within reason of your route and attempt urgency

- as you approach the 3rd attempt and beyond review your prior attempts and make sure you will have adequately attempted in the morning, evening, mid day and weekends

- if you make strategic decisions based on knowledge of the area provide some notes about why you did what you did

COURT RULES - as a Tracker you are responsible for knowing the rules of the courts in your area. You must adhere to the requirements that the courts specify for diligence. If the job you are working is from a court you are unfamiliar with you should check in with the Tracker Success team for guidance.

IMPORTANT - the absolute goal is to serve the person or entity successfully. While it is important to follow general best practices there are exceptions to every rule. As the Tracker in the field your local knowledge and experience is paramount and if you encounter a situation that warrants non-traditional practices you should notate that clearly in your attempt(s). Example, "after making my first attempt I learned that this individual works 3, 12 hour shifts and is virtually impossible to serve on those days. The individual works Friday, Saturday and Sunday therefore all of my future attempts will be Monday thru Thursday". With a note like this it's easy to explain why your attempts don't occur on the weekend.

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Updated on: 20/01/2023

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