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Benefits of Partnering with One Legal as a Contractor

One Legal is committed to creating an environment that is conducive to success, allowing our contractors to focus on what they do best—field work. Through our innovative systems and strong support structure, we alleviate the back-office workload and customer communication, giving our contractors the freedom to excel in their roles.

Here are the distinct advantages of partnering with One Legal:

Seamless Job Allocation

Contractors receive job offers electronically via ServeManager, offering the flexibility to accept or decline assignments as per their convenience and work schedule. Jobs are assigned on a per address basis, eliminating the need to attempt multiple addresses or disrupt pre-planned routes.

Innovative Use of ServeManager

ServeManager, a leading tool in managing litigation support jobs, is at the heart of our work allocation process. Its mobile application allows contractors to calculate routes and provide status updates directly from the field. This real-time information sharing increases efficiency and keeps everyone involved updated.

Automated Proof of Service Creation

We take care of creating the proof of service. Contractors simply need to provide an electronic signature within the ServeManager app, saving valuable time.

Court Filing Responsibilities

Should a service of process job require court filing, contractors can rest easy knowing that One Legal will take care of it. Your focus stays where it should be: on the field work and signing the affidavit.

Clear Communication

We handle all customer communication, ensuring that queries and issues are addressed promptly and professionally. This frees contractors to devote their full attention to fieldwork.

Transparent Payment Structure

Upon completion of a job, contractors receive their earnings directly into their ServeManager wallet. Earnings can be cashed out at any time, ensuring smooth and efficient access to funds. One Legal operates a clear, transparent rate schedule that also includes additional fees for printing (Learn more about our payment model:
How do One Legal contractors get paid?

At One Legal, we value our contractors and their contributions. Our goal is to create strong, lasting partnerships and we continually innovate to improve the contractor experience. Our commitment is to ensure your success, as we believe it is the foundation of our own.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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